Long Jiang Chinos

Think Oriental Chic. Think Long Jiang Chinos!

Long Jiang Chinos blends the traditional and the modern together in a truly exquisite dining experience. Enjoy a variety of traditional Chinese classics put together with finesse, while you relax in the Chinese-inspired, yet contemporary surroundings.

Situated in the heart of the charming and quaint ORTO Park, Long Jiang Chinos promises you the dining experience you truly deserve. Come and sample Chinese cuisine at its finest – Long Jiang Chinos prides itself on its delectable seafood dishes, using only the freshest seafood available.

Our dedicated chefs have decades of cooking experience behind them. Not only are they trained under some of the best culinary masters in Singapore, they are recognized for whipping up dishes that are faithful to the traditional recipes of the good old times while bestowing a touch of modern chic to their creations.

If drinks are more of your thing, head to our bar area, “Hops & Berries” for a stylish space that you can unwind after a hectic day of work. With the picturesque ORTO Park close by, Hops & Berries allows you to bask in the lap of nature as you sip on your cocktails.

We've got something for everyone here. Visit us today & let us impress you!

龍江Chinos坐落在迷人而古雅的ORTO Park的中心地段。在那,您能享受到融合传统于现代的独特用餐体验。龍江Chinos自诩它美味的海鲜菜肴使用的是最新鲜的海鲜,让您品尝到上等的中式菜肴。


龍江Chinos也具有了自己的酒吧区,“Hops & Berries”。在设计时髦的Hops & Berries,您可以让忙碌了一整天的您,放松心情,一边欣赏风景如画的ORTO Park,一边享受那可口的鸡尾酒。



The Long Jiang Brand was established in 2010, with its first outlet at Commonwealth. In 2011, the restaurant relocated to Singapore Turf Club. This year, the newly opened Long Jiang Chinos is situated in ORTO Park (The old Bottle Tree Park) in the northern part of Singapore, a location that combines rural charm with urban sophistication.

The Long Jiang brand has been well-known in Singapore since 1986 for its high-quality, delectable seafood dishes and authentic Chinese cuisine. The flaky Teochew Mooncake, a local favourite for decades, was also invented by Long Jiang’s Head Chef. A household name in Singapore, Long Jiang is practically synonymous with fine Chinese dining.

Now, Long Jiang Chinos, its more modern branch, is ready to serve up the traditional Chinese dishes that it is known for, but with a contemporary fusion touch. Like the original Long Jiang Seafood Restaurant, Long Jiang Chinos prioritises food quality and customer satisfaction over all, and our team of renowned chefs strive to create culinary delights that will please even the most discerning diner.

Our restaurant itself has a seating capacity of 100pax, with 2 VIP rooms that can be booked for special occasions such as birthday celebrations or corporate parties. Both the restaurant and bar are situated beside the scenic lake in the middle of the ORTO Park, with a spectacular view of the surrounding greenery while you dine on delectable dishes.

The restaurant’s alfresco dining area can seat 120, and offers a fantastic panoramic view of the lake. Next to the restaurant is our alfresco bar 'Hops and Berries', also owned by the Long Jiang Chinos group. The bar seats 120, and has a snazzy and sophisticated atmosphere where you can enjoy an eclectic mix of cocktails after a long day at work.

The future vision of Long Jiang Chinos is to explore the fine lines in fusion dining while keeping our roots in the Chinese cuisine alive. Come and experience Oriental Chic with us!

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Keeping in line with the brand’s dedication to excellence, Long Jiang Chinos uses only the freshest seafood and highest quality ingredients. Chinese cuisine by Long Jiang Chinos is not the boring, traditional fare that some places continue to serve decade after decade; rather, Long Jiang Chinos reinvents traditions, staying true to its roots while keeping up with the times.

Long Jiang Chinos is more than just the mouth-watering food though. The restaurant itself is decorated tastefully in a style that is both traditional and modern at the same time, the very epitome of Oriental Chic. One cannot ask for more beautiful surroundings than the ORTO Park either. At night, the park is lit up softly; creating a wondrous ambience that will surely offer you the dining experience that you truly deserve. The tropical greenery and the scenic lake will accentuate your experience at Long Jiang Chinos.

Hops and Berries, Long Jiang Chinos’ alfresco bar, marries Oriental Chic with the allure of well-mixed cocktails. Great for unwinding or just enjoying bonding time with friends, Hops and Berries promises to round up your Long Jiang Chinos experience in the best possible way.

Ready for THE experience at Long Jiang Chinos today? Make a booking or visit us today!

龍江品牌创立于2010年,在联邦(Commonwealth)开了第一家海鲜餐馆。2011年,该餐厅迁移到了新加坡的Turf Club。四年后,龍江在新加坡北部的ORTO Park,创办了龍江Chinos。该位置结合了农村的魅力以及城市的现代感。



我们的餐馆可容纳100位人,也具有两间贵宾套房,适合预定给特殊场合如生日庆祝或公司派对。餐馆和酒吧都位于ORTO Park风景优美的湖旁边,让顾客有个美好的用餐体验。

餐馆的露天用餐区可容纳120人,也能让顾客观赏美丽的湖景。餐馆旁的露天酒吧, “Hops and Berries”,也是龍江Chinos 旗下的一部分。时髦而精致的酒吧也具有120个座位。



除了给顾客品尝美味的佳肴,餐厅里的设计精致而高雅,带有传统和摩登的风格。在夜里,ORTO Park里灯火通明而柔和,创造出了一种奇妙的氛围,给您提供您应有的用餐体验。热带的绿色植物和风景如画的湖面会更加突出您在龍江Chinos的体验。

Hops and Berries,龍江Chinos的露天酒吧,可让您与好友们开心的聚在一起。

Signature Dishes

Long Jiang Chinos has over 100 delectable dishes on its menu and every dish is served with the freshest ingredients on top of the unwavering passion from our chefs. Here is a selection of our signature dishes that have earned generous praises from our regular patrons:


Live Prawn in Tomato Assam Curry

For those who like the Assam taste, you will simply adore the biting texture of the wok baked live prawns against the unique tomato Assam curry. This savoury dish goes really well with rice and the tangy curry will keep you coming back for more!

Poached Lobster with Pearl Rice, Old Sixties Golden Stock

Besides the key ingredient of the lobster that comes from the deep seas, another star of the dish is the Old Sixties Golden Stock, which is our secret recipe that comes interestingly prepared with 10 flavourful ingredients. This exquisite dish is a MUST-TRY!

Clay Pot Style Superior Shark's Fin with Old Sixties Golden Stock

Many Chinese restaurants serve Shark's Fin soup but we at Long Jiang Chinos dare say that ours might be the best you will ever experience! With our well-guarded recipe of the Old Sixties Golden Stock in combination with braised superior blue shark's fin, it's unlike anything you've ever tasted!


Hops and Berries

Founded in June 2015, Hops & Berries is the stylish alfresco bar at Long Jiang Chinos. Hops & Berries is fast becoming the preferred destination for wine, champagne and an assortment of beers. The bar is located right beside Long Jiang Chinos Restaurant and you can chill out with your friends with a few drinks right after your meal.

As the sun sets, the ambient lights that hang above the bar area create the perfect atmosphere for guests to enjoy intimate drinks and light snacks. Hops & Berries is also a favorite haunt for soccer fans as it screens live soccer matches on a 150-inch projector screen! This means no more squinting or moving out of your seats to catch a glimpse of the live action when someone blocks your view. All you have to do is sit back and relax with your cold beer!

At Hops & Berries, you can expect the joyful and friendly crew to be at your service. With the availability of award-winning chefs, you will never run out of great food to pair with your drinks. Hops & Berries is open every day from 530pm to 2am. On weekends and eve of public holidays, our closing hours are extended to 3am. If you are looking for a chic bar destination for your hangouts, you'll never go wrong with Hop & Berries!

Hops & Berries 成立于2015年6月,是龍江Chinos时尚的露天酒吧。Hops & Berries迅速成为葡萄酒,香槟和各式各样啤酒的首选目的地。该酒吧位于但我们龍江Chinos餐厅的右边,您可以和您的朋友们在饭后来喝几杯放松一下。

太阳下山后,悬挂在酒吧上方环境的灯光,为客人营造了一种完美的氛围,让他们享受着熟悉的饮料和小吃。Hops & Berries 也是足球迷最爱去的地方,因为酒吧会在一个150英寸的投影屏幕上放映实况转播的足球比赛。

在Hops & Berries,您可以期待热心又友好的服务人员来为您服务。有了一流的厨师队,您不会缺少搭配饮料的美食。Hops & Berries的营业时间是每日下午5点半到凌晨2点。周末和公共假日晚上,我们的打烊时间会延长到凌晨3点。如果您正在为您的聚会寻找一个时髦的酒吧,那么请到Hop & Berries来,您不会走错!